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Mulberry Grove Sr High School



Mulberry Grove Sr High School


Mulberry Grove Sr High School

Mulberry Grove Sports Boosters GO ACES !

Boosters Home.

The Mulberry Grove Sports Boosters Club

exists for the purpose of developing young men and women through competitive sports.

Together... We can achieve this for the benefit of the students of Mulberry Grove.  We would like as many members as possible to actively participate and support team sports by working closely with the coaches, athletic director, and the principals of the school.

Everyone... Who can help build this club;  Anyone 19 years old or out of high school, parents, grandparents, teachers/staff, alumni, friends, family, and fans.

Achieves... Works to support athletic students - uniforms, sports equipment, scholarships, communication (newsletter, etc.), & more!

More... Being a member means more - membership card, voting rights at meetings, a way to get connected for sporting events, recognition, and becoming a positive role model for students.

Your involvement counts... Join Our TEAM!

Regular MGSB meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month, August-May.

Chad Nelson, MG JH/HS Athletic Director 618-326-8221 or

Lindsay Millikin, MGSB President 618-978-4512 or